Dr. Kai Höhmann,
Chairman of the Board of Directors of Slovenské
telekomunikácie, a.s.

The year 2002 was a break-through year for Slovenské telekomunikácie, a.s. The company and the entire telecommunications market braced for full market deregulation starting on 1 January 2003, the date on which our newly appointed CEO, Mr. Miroslav Majoroš, took up his post. Slovenské telekomunikácie, a.s. is well positioned to meet the anticipated competition head-on. With a highly developed infrastructure and a state-of-the-art billing system, we are ready to meet customer demand for the full range of telecommunications services on one hand, and to serve the needs of licensed operators on the other. Customer orientation and innovation were the main focus of Slovenské telekomunikácie, a.s. in achieving its vision of being the number one telecommunications operator in Slovakia. With a wide variety of products and services, including new broadband access products, we more strongly focused our attention on the customer and on innovative technology.

To achieve our ambitious goals, the Board of Directors of Slovenské telekomunikácie, a.s. together with the support of our shareholder partners - the Slovak government and Deutsche Telekom, decided to streamline the company's activities, and to concentrate on our core business. As a result, our complete organisation was successfully adapted and non-core operations, such as Slovenské telekomunikácie, a.s., Telemont, o.z. branch were sold off.

Slovenské telekomunikácie, a.s. is a strong supporter of the path to the European Union. Moreover, in order to make access to the global information society easier for the younger generation of Slovaks, we play our part by providing schools with Internet access within the government's eSlovakia Project.

The outcome of all these challenging activities is that Slovenské telekomunikácie, a.s. has produced excellent business results in 2002.

I am fully aware that without the outstanding performance of all our employees and without the trust shown by our customers, Slovenské telekomunikácie, a.s. would not have been able to meet the demanding goals set out by the Board of Directors. I am very proud that our company is so confidently fulfilling its vision - to be the best telecommunications company in Slovakia.


Dr. Kai Höhmann,
Chairman of the Board of Directors
of Slovenské telekomunikácie, a.s.